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Report on Securities Holding of Directors and Management

Number of Shares Held by TTCL Directors and Board of Management
As of December 27th 2013

Name Position Share Amount
1. Mr. Hironobu Iriya Chairman of Board of Director,
President & CEO
2. Mr. Piriya Wongphayabal Vice Chairman of Board of Director 5,194,000
3. Mrs. Nijaporn Charanachitta Director 4,847,207
4. Mr. Makoto Fusayama Director -
5. Mr. Tiwa Jaruke Director
Board of Management
6. Mr. Norimasa Matsuoka Director -
7. Mr. Sivaraks Phinicharomna Independent Director and
Chairman of Audit Committee
8. Mr. Gumthorn Utarnwuthipong Independent Director and
Audit Committee
9. Mr. Ryuzo Nagaoka Independent Director and
Audit Committee
10. Mr. Saneh Poorisat Board of Management 1,975,750
11. Mrs. Suratana Trinratana Board of Management 5,655,948
12. Mr. Wanchai Ratinthorn Board of Management 1,800,000
13. Mr. Yukio Kobe Board of Management 1,139,389
14. Ms. Pornchan Katechulasriroj Board of Management 1,262,000
15. Ms. Kantika Tanthuvanit Board of Management
Company Secretary

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